Dependent assemblies for plug-ins (2021 release wave 1 plan)

One of the developers biggest nightmare while coding for the sandbox plugin in Online deployment is adding third party dependencies. Currently in order to comply, we need to use the ILMerge to merge those dependencies along with the main assembly. This also have complication when it comes to the size of the assembly once it is merged.

This feature is a saviour to that problem, now you can also register the dependency along with the plugin assembly. There is no clear direction as such how it will be achieved but in the coming day we will definitely find out more about this. This will help in the long run as a developer and maintainability.

While we are in the same space, there is another feature that is coming which is storing the telemetry log for the plugin in the Application Insights. If you are having a Azure Application Insight instance that is already running and you can make use of it to track all the plugin logs which will greatly help in visualising things in a different level.

Dependant assemblies

Plugin telemetry with Application Insight

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