Good bye to Custom HTML pages !

The day is finally here to witness one of the most anticipated feature in reality. Now we are able to add a custom pages to your model driven app, no need to write lengthy JavaScript web resource to achieve those needs. Custom pages are a real boon to developers especially who always get requirements that need custom pages. Custom pages are more a clone of the canvas app where as now you can able to call them in those common areas where we usually use the custom web resources.

Firstly, we can able to add a custom page in the sitemap as below.

In the above example, the custom page is embedded in the left navigation pane of the sitemap. In order to add a custom page to the sitemap, use the PowerApp new editor, because you will not be able to see the options in the old editor. The new editor will be accessed using the below way.

The navigation to the custom page is similar to that of the opening the web resources using the navigateTo method in the client SDK.

// Inline Page
var pageInput = {
  pageType: "custom",
  name: "",
var navigationOptions = {
  target: 1
Xrm.Navigation.navigateTo(pageInput, navigationOptions)
  function () {
    // Called when page opens
  function (error) {
    // Handle error

The next options is the most common one, where we use a button or a action in the CRM form that triggers to open a custom page. The below links talks about the various options available.

More options, Click here


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