Overlapping instances in scheduled flow

Scheduled flows in Power Automate is a awesome tool to schedule any light weight automation. Schedule flow always have a happy path when we are dealing with small amount of data and it runs only once per day or a monthly once. The deadly ones are the one that are running every hour or even less timed ones.

Take an example, a flow picks all the records that has a flag set as yes and either update or add another record. This will work perfectly well if the whole process finish within the next instance run. If you update the flag for more records and that amount which cannot be handled between the time frame of the next run, then you will have a chance of overlapping instance of the flow running and cause all the mess.

Life was always a matter of waiting for the right moment to act.

Paulo Coelho

Here is a useful trick that can help to minimize the overlapping runs. This config change will help to stop the next run and wait for the previous run to completed before it starts. The config that I am talking is Concurrency Control in the trigger. Change the Limit to On and then reduce the Degree of Parallelism to 1. This simple change will solve the problem.


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