Build Filter expression for Power Automate Dataverse Connector

Querying Dataverse table using Power Automate is easy with Dataverse connectors. Filtering the data is also more convenient using these connectors, we can use query expression or use FetchXML to filter the data based on our needs.

There are three premium connector to facilitate querying Dataverse tables.

Though it is all convenient and easy when the query gets complex it is quite hard to construct the query expression. Especially in the scenario where it needs to include linked entity, lookups and more. There is a easy way out to build this query expression using the XrmToolBox plugin FetchXML Builder. This tool is a saviour and one of the best tool contribution to the community from Jonas Rapp.

This builder not only helps to construct query expressions for Power Automate it also do lot of other formulations like OData query expression, Query Expression for C# code, FetchXML C# code and FetchXML for JavaScript code.

If you choose, Power Automate Parameters from the View options, a popup will show the necessary information needed for the connector as below. The other cool feature is that if you click on the link it auto copies the content to clipboard.

Based on my good friend Gowrikaran Rathakrishnan input, there is another tool he is using, which also does the same thing. He mentioned about the plugin Dataverse REST Builder from Guido Preite. I gave it a try and it also have some amazing features to look for.


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