Restrict Scheduled Power Automate flow to run on set times

Scheduled flow helps us to automate simple process on a scheduled manner. But sometimes we don’t want this flow to run in specific hours or we want only to run within the specific hours. Basically we want to run this flow only in set times only.

There are couple of ways it can be achieved.

Option 1 :

Set the frequency as Day. Set “At these hours” at what hours the flow needs to run and specify “At these minutes” as comma separated values.

Option 2 :

The next option is setting frequency as minutes and use the trigger conditions to restrict the timing of the flow run.

     convertTimeZone(utcnow(), 'UTC', 'AUS Eastern Standard Time', 'HH:mm'),      
  convertTimeZone(utcnow(), 'UTC', 'AUS Eastern Standard Time', 'HH:mm'),      

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