Passing parameters from LogicApps to Data Factory Pipeline

Recently came across a scenario in which I have a Azure Data Factory Pipeline and I need to pass value from LogicApps to the Pipeline. Sharing parameters is always a common scenario in any implementation, with the out of box Data Factory Pipeline LogicApps connector it is simple as you just drag drop and pick the necessary values for the connector.

In order to trigger a Data Factory Pipeline, LogicApps got an out of box connector shown below. This will help trigger a pipeline that is configured in the Data Factory.

The connector needs, Subscription, Resource Group, Data Factory Name and Data Factory Pipeline values as mandatory. The parameters is the optional input. By making use of it we can able to pass parameters to Pipeline.

First create the parameters in the Pipeline, then make sure you have the parameter name that is created in Pipeline.

Form a JSON like below and then use this in the parameter value. The Pipeline will pick the respective value by parsing the JSON.

     "Parameter1": "ParameterValue1"

I believe that the greatest crime is to learn something that can significantly benefit other people, yet share it with no one.


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