Recently got a chance to get to know the journey of Santiago. As every journey, it also gave a lot of refreshing thoughts and lessons. Book reading is not always my strong suit. I tend to buy books whenever someone says about that books and with the intend that someday I will read. Likewise many people referred this book “The Alchemist”. It is one book that will be in every readers must read list.

Start reading this book itself justifies that main theme if this book, if you stand firm on your journey the whole world will come together to help you complete the journey in some form or other. I always try to slot in some time for my reading but it always get overshadowed by some other priorities. During the start of this lockdown I pledge myself to be productive with this work from home luxury, it started well as planned for a while but it went haywire after a couple of weeks. It is again the priorities that take over all this schedule. Now after I started going to office couple of days a week, which gave me the travel time to read and listen.

I know instead of reading, listening is bit easy for me so I decided to download the audiobook of it. That really helps me quickly finish this book during my travel to work, I know many people differ with this approach. Definitely reading gives a better feel and creativity to see the whole story in a different level and perspective, but I left with no choice instead to complete this book. I will definitely read this book once after this, though I know the story. It is not the story that makes this book interesting, it is the lesson in each step of the journey that Santiago acquires that makes this book special.

These are some of the key take away that I got on my first reading aka listening.

  1. Try to make a single step towards any adventure in life even if your feel not to. The next steps will fall in place and get you to the destination.
  2. If you manage the failure in any step of the journey it will get you to much better things as you move forward. So always move forward in the journey you took no matter what.
  3. Don’t get yourself in to comfort though you get a chance to explore.
  4. If you try a new thing that you never done before, there will be a always a higher chance of success and it is also called beginners luck. Don’t get carried away with that.
  5. If you keep your ears/eye open, you will tend to sense omens we call it as gut feeling. It can be either good or bad but you will able to sense it. Choose those signs on your own as that will give you the experience of your life. Don’t depend on someone else to pick your omen.
  6. Cherish the moment that your are in, follow the omens that come your way and try not to worry much about the result.
  7. Trust in yourself, if you can’t trust yourself then no one else can.

Take away might differ if I read the book once again, will do a revision then…


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