Connection reference Power Automate ALM saviour

Connection reference (preview) is a great new addition to the Power Platform. We all know the horror stories of the Power Automate Flow’s deployment between environments. The way how the flows connections are broken after the deployment and need to edit the flow one by one in order to get it fix.

What is the use of connection reference and how it helps?

The connection reference as the name states is a reference to the connections in the Flow. This will create a bridge between the flow and each connections that are used in the flow steps. By adding the connection reference along with the solution will help to easily map the connection and the flow in the target environment after deployment.

This works perfectly with the Modern solution import and won’t work in the classic way of importing the solution.

I have tried it in my recent releases and it work like charm so far. As it is still in preview, it has some limitation associated.


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