Notifications within model-driven apps

The notification table in Dynamics 365 stores notifications for each user and is designed to facilitate the sending and receiving of notifications within a model-driven app. When a new notification is created, it is stored in the notification table and the system automatically polls for new notifications for each user.

The notification center displays all notifications that have been received and are still active. The notification sender or the system administrator can configure how the notification is displayed and how it can be dismissed. This can include setting the notification type (e.g. banner or popup), the message text, and the notification icon.

Notifications remain in the notification center until they are dismissed by the recipient or they expire. By default, a notification expires after 14 days, but the system administrator can override this setting.

Each notification row is intended for a single user and is identified by the Owner column value. If a notification needs to be sent to multiple users, a record needs to be added for each recipient, with the sender controlling the recipient through the Owner column.

How to enable in-app notifications?

Enabling the in-app notification feature in a model-driven app requires you to enable the “In-app notifications” setting. Here are the steps to do so:

  1. Sign in to Power Apps: Log in to the Power Apps portal using your credentials.
  2. Open the solution containing the model-driven app: Navigate to the solution that contains the model-driven app you want to enable in-app notifications for.
  3. Open the model-driven app in the modern app designer: Select the model-driven app and click “Edit” in the split menu to open it using the modern app designer.
  4. Open Settings and switch to Features: Click on the “Settings” button in the top right corner of the screen, then switch to the “Features” tab.
  5. Enable In-app notifications: In the “Features” tab, toggle the “In-app notifications” setting to the “On” position.
  6. Save and publish the changes: Once you’ve enabled the In-app notifications setting, click “Save” to save the settings change, then click “Publish” on the model-driven app to make the changes live.

In-app notifications in Dynamics 365 use polling to retrieve notifications periodically while the app is running. The app retrieves new notifications when it is started, and when a page navigation occurs, as long as the last retrieval was more than one minute ago. If a user stays on a page for an extended period of time, new notifications will not be retrieved until the user navigates to another page.


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